Do you need help finding someone?  Whether your purpose is to serve process on a respondent, recover money owed to you, or anything in between, Trident Recovery & Investigations Group has the expertise and resources needed to locate the subject.  Our skip tracers have consistently demonstrated their ability to locate those who have failed to meet their financial obligations and have helped recover millions of dollars.

Many judgment creditors, asset recovery firms and repossession agencies subcontract their skip tracing work to high-volume, nationwide servicers, who typically locate only about 30% of their assigned cases.  One advantage to hiring a local firm is that we can have boots on the ground anytime the need for surveillance arises- we don’t have the same limitations that a skip tracer across the country may encounter that can potentially shut down an investigation.

We specialize in the hard-to-locate cases and provide deep skip services to locate the other 70% that these companies can’t find.