July 24, 2015

Private Investigators Rochester NY

Private Investigators Rochester NY

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Private Investigators are often referred to as “PI’s”, “Private Detectives”, or “Investigators”.  Old school Private Investigators or Police Detectives were often referred to as “Gumshoes” or “Gumshoe Detectives”.  There are several theories for this: (1) that detectives, who often walked through  bad neighborhoods, going door to door to interview witnesses, victims, and locate suspects, always managed to get gum on their shoes because the streets of the neighborhoods they worked in were filthy and never cleaned up; (2) detectives were encouraged to wear soft soled (gum-like) shoes for stealth when conducting investigations; or (3) it reflected the relentless “stick-to-it” attitude and work ethic of the successful detective, much like gum sticking to your shoe.  You can’t get it off.

Fast-forward to modern day- Private Investigators come from all walks of life.  Many are former law enforcement or military, although that is not a requirement.  In Rochester and throughout New York State, Private Investigators are required to be licensed by the New York State Department of State/ Division of Licensing. The requirements for such license being: 1) retired law enforcement officer or full time Fire Marshal with 20 years of experience OR any law enforcement officer whose primary job it was to conduct or supervise investigations for a minimum of three years OR three years of experience working under another private investigator or private investigator firm; 2) take and pass a written examination administered by the state; 3) be fingerprinted, photographed, and submit an application containing references and proof of experience; and 4) be bonded in NYS (Services, 2011).

In some respects it is easier to tell you what a Private investigator is not.  Private Investigators are NOT police officers or law enforcement!  They do not have any more authority than you do to enforce the laws.  They don’t carry badges (prohibited by NYS law) and can only carry a firearm if they have a pistol permit issued by the state (the same as any other citizen).

Private Investigators are professionals who are hired by corporations, attorneys, and individuals to conduct investigations or gather information.  According to NYS law, the definition of a Private Investigator is someone who “conducts investigations to locate the whereabouts of missing persons, finds the location and/ or recovers lost or stolen property; finds the causes and origin of, or responsibility for fires, or libels, or losses, or accidents, or injuries to real or personal property. Private Investigators conduct investigations for fee, hire or reward.” (Services, 2011)”.

Private Investigators are hired by attorneys to conduct criminal defense investigations, matrimonial/ domestic/ child custody investigations, locate and interview witnesses, collect evidence, serve court papers on individuals and companies, assist in trial preparation and perform general litigation support.  Private Investigators are hired by corporations and companies to conduct pre-employment checks and background investigations, due diligence investigations on potential business partners or business ventures/ investments, internal theft investigations, allegations of work place violence/ misconduct/ harassment, insurance investigations, and workers compensation/ disability fraud. Individuals hire private detectives to locate missing/ endangered persons, help adopted children find their birth parents, determine if their significant other or spouse is being unfaithful (infidelity), child abuse/ endangerment/ protecting children online, and locate missing heirs for probate/ surrogate cases.

Private Investigators should be licensed, experienced, professional, ethical, honest, and responsive to their clients’ needs.  Whenever possible, individuals and corporations hiring private investigators should do so through their attorney if they believe the information obtained during the investigation may result in court proceedings.  This is so any work product by the investigator is covered under attorney-client privilege and is therefore protected.

Ethical behavior should be the trademark of any private detective.  One situation that Private Investigators often encounter is a client that calls asking to find someone. It may be that sweetheart from high school or a woman/ guy you met once on vacation or at a social gathering that you can’t seem to get off of your mind, or maybe that person on your favorite dating website you saw and only have an email for.  Understand that any reputable and ethical Private Investigator will be happy to find the person for you but, they will not divulge the location or personal information of the person you asked them to find without that person’s express (and usually written) permission.  This would be to ensure the safety and privacy of the person being sought after.  Unfortunately, there have been cases where estranged boyfriends/ girlfriends/ husbands/ wives have been looking for their former significant other who went to a lot of trouble to disappear because of abusive relationships.  No Private Investigator wants to be responsible for endangering the safety of another or violating the privacy of someone who just wants to remain anonymous. The Private Investigations Firm should make the potential client aware of such stipulations prior to agreeing to work for the client and receiving any money. 

Likewise, if you have an order of protection issued against you for the person you have asked the investigator to locate, no ethical Private Investigator is going to facilitate the violation of that order- so don’t ask!

How can the Private Detective best serve their client?  By keeping the client informed of the progress of the investigation regularly, managing the expectations of the client given the individual circumstances of each investigation, being responsive to the client’s needs and questions/ concerns, and by starting the investigation off on the right foot by obtaining ALL the relevant background information on the case you have hired them for.  This is where you, the client, come in.  The more information you can provide to the Private Investigator up front, the better the chances for a satisfactory outcome of the investigation.

Trident Recovery and Investigations Group provides professional, reliable, ethical private investigation services to attorneys, corporations, and individuals.  We are experts in the field, with our lead investigator, Andrew White, having worked 13 years in law enforcement as a Road Patrol Deputy, Police Academy General Topics and Defensive Tactics Instructor, Investigator, and ultimately Investigator Sergeant.  He has extensive experience in conducting and managing complex investigations of every type: criminal, civil, matrimonial, or corporate.  Andrew also served in both the Navy and the Army, in Active Duty and Reserve capacities, from 1988 until 2013.  After leaving law enforcement, Andrew worked in the collections industry as a Debt Collector and Operations Manager for a top performer on the US Department of Education’s defaulted student loan contract, and has expertise in skip tracing and collections.

About Andrew White

Andrew White has 13 years law enforcement experience conducting and managing complex investigations of every type, having worked in Major Crimes and Economic Crimes, and attaining the rank of Investigator Sergeant. He was instrumental in starting an Internet Crimes Against Children unit and investigated numerous cases of child abuse and child sexual assault. Andrew also served in the military from 1988 until 2013, on both Active Duty and in the Reserves. After leaving law enforcement, Andrew worked in the collections industry for a top performer on the US Department of Education’s defaulted student loan contract as a Collector and as an Operations Manager. In those capacities he developed expertise in skip tracing and collections, resulting in the recovery of millions of dollars in defaulted student loans for the government. He is certified as a Professional Collections Specialist (PCS) through ACA International and is knowledgeable regarding issues of compliance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).

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