About Us

Trident Recovery & Investigations Group is a veteran-owned firm, providing Private Investigative services to attorneys, individuals and corporations across the state of New York.  We are comprised of former law-enforcement professionals who have extensive experience in conducting and managing complex investigations, and skip tracing professionals from the financial and collections industry who are experts in locating people and assets.   This combined experience spans nearly two decades.

We operate as an extension of our client’s business and understand how important it is for us to be ethical and transparent in all we do.  We take great care to operate within the guidelines of the law- not just the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law.  Our firm is deeply committed to being above reproach and displaying integrity in every case we manage.

Our Services

Trident Recovery & Investigations Group is proud to offer the following services:

  1. Private Investigations

    Trident Recovery & Investigations Group is a licensed Private Investigations firm in New York State, offering a range of services including domestic investigations and child custody, to corporate investigations, litigation support, and wrongful death investigations. [READ MORE]

  2. Asset Locate

    Trident Recovery & Investigations Group makes use of powerful databases and performs surveillance to locate assets for a number of reasons, including vehicle repossession.  We are not a repossession or collection agency.  We will, however, locate your vehicle/asset and coordinate with your recovery agency, maintaining visual surveillance until it is recovered.  [READ MORE]

  3. Skip Tracing

    Do you need help finding someone?  Whether your purpose is to serve process on a respondent, recover money owed to you, or anything in between, Trident Recovery & Investigations Group has the expertise and resources needed to locate the subject.  Our skip tracers have consistently demonstrated their ability to locate those who have failed to meet their financial obligations and have helped recover millions of dollars.  We specialize in the hard-to-locate cases, providing deep skip services to locate that 70% the other companies can’t find.  [READ MORE]

  4. Background Investigations

    Trident Recovery & Investigations Group offers pre-employment and due-diligence background investigations which can include criminal records, lawsuits, social security checks, financial stability searches, and more.  [READ MORE]

Our Vision

Trust.  It’s defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or strength of a person or thing.  At Trident Recovery & Investigations Group, we earn our clients’ trust by demonstrating integrity in all that we do.  Whether it’s a financial interest that brings a client to us, or simply a desire for specific information, we strive to uncover exactly what our clients are seeking and to provide the answers and solutions that will give peace of mind.


Brown, Kaszak, & Associates values the partnership we have with Trident Recovery & Investigations Group. We have absolute confidence that when we call on Trident for assistance, we will get the professionalism, experience, and the results we have come to expect.

Steve Brown - President Brown, Kaszak, & Associates