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Investigative Consultants

Trident Group provides expert investigative and intelligence consulting to attorneys, governments, corporations, and individuals.  In the Digital Age, it is no longer sufficient to rely on traditional methods alone. To produce reliable results for our clients, we skillfully combine traditional methods of investigation and intelligence collection with our knowledge of the cyber domain; What we term "Hybrid Investigations".  

Digital and Mobile Forensics

According to the Pew Research Center, 95% of Americans have cell phones. 77% of the cell phones owned are considered "smartphones".  Device Atlas, a firm that provides information to mobile application developers, reports that the Android operating system for mobile phones overtook the Windows operating system for PC's as the most widely used operating system, as the average user is on their smart phone an average of 5.7 hours per day. With such widespread use of the smartphone, the amount of information contained in these devices is astounding.  Being able to recover that information in a forensically sound manner and exploiting the information obtained needs to be performed by a digital forensic expert who has specific knowledge and experience in handling the unique challenges cell phones and other mobile devices pose. Trident Group has experience in digital and mobile forensics, utilizing a variety of forensic tools to collect and analyze this data.

Hybrid Investigations

Having someone who is technically proficient is not enough. Success requires having someone who has the understanding, experience, and expertise at leveraging the information gained from these devices to produce reliable, effective results. Trident Group are these professionals.  Trident Group excels where other companies or consulting groups are deficient: combining digital information and evidence with investigative skills and intelligence analysis to achieve reliable, consistent results.  Trident Group's consultants are both investigative experts and digital forensic examiners, having years of experience doing both; not just one or the other. It is this combined experience that sets us apart from the others. We are experts in conducting Hybrid Investigations.

Services Offered


Trident Group offers expert investigative services to attorneys, governments, corporations, and individuals in the areas of criminal defense, matrimonial, Family Court, corporate fraud, missing and endangered persons, and civil suits.

Mobile Forensics

Trident Group is one of the few private companies that offers mobile forensic services to its clients. We have a proven track record of successfully leveraging the data obtained from smartphones and other digital devices to defend the wrongfully accused, make the difference in civil suits, and recover proprietary corporate information previously thought to be lost.

Historical Cell Site Analysis

Nearly everyone has a cell phone. Almost no one realizes they are also carrying a tracking device in the form of that phone. If you find yourself being the target of a criminal investigation or a civil suit, Call Detail Records obtained from your service provider may be used against you. Accurately interpreting the location information obtained from those records and the limitations of such methods, is vital . Trident Group has experience understanding and  accurately interpreting this data based upon real world experience using these capabilities and testifying to them in court. 

Competitive Intelligence/Opposition Research

Understanding your opponent or competition is critical to the success of your organization or company. Collecting the information is only one piece of the puzzle.  Without analysis, its just information. Trident Group can provide the strategic intelligence your company or organization needs to gain the edge over your competitor or opponent.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM)

TSCM is the technical term for an electronic and physical check or inspection of a room, building, area, vehicle, computer, cell phone, or other personal digital devices for monitoring devices or software. Trident Group employs a variety of tools, methods, and techniques to protect your privacy and sensitive information from unwanted monitoring devices such as GPS trackers, spyware, and listening devices.

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